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A softer and more refined diet that requires less chewing.   This trend, making a powerful masticatory apparatus unnecessary. Greater numbers of people have impacted teeth for this as well as other resons. Eventually all third molars will be last to man, followed later by the impaction and subsequent loss of the lateral incisors.

All teeth that do not assume their position and function in the arch should be considered for removal. There are exceptions to this general statement but they are rare.

Infection of the impacted third molar (pericoronitis) should be treated before surgery. An acute pericoronoritis around a mandibular third molar if the latter is impinging in the infected mandibular tissues. If the infection of the impacted third molar treated in proper way, infection may more neighbouring spares(Figure 1).

Some authors consider that  (Güven) prophylactic removed of impacted third molars is necessary because of the risk of development of pathological conditions. Such as large cyst, good and bad behavioured tumors(Please see below figures).

Removal of the impacted teeth can be done under local or general anesthesia. Operation takes 15-30 minutes.









Figure 1- Infection of the impacted mandibular third molar sometimes speread neigbouring parths of the body









Figure 2- Surgery of impact kanin teeth








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