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The tumours of the maxillofacial area are clasifyed as;  

a) soft tissue and hard tissue tumours,

b) odontogenic and nonodontogenic tumours,

c) good behavioured(benign) tumours,

d) bad behavioured tumours (malignant).


The clinical diagnosis of malignancy of the oral cavity, an area which includes the lips, tounge, floor of the mouth, cheeks presents few diagnostic difficulties and, provided that the clinician carries and a systemic examination of the oral cavity, there is little chance of malignant neoplasm arising within the mandible or maxillae is more difficult in the early stages of the disease.

General symptoms vary according to the site of courer and as the lesions are always painless in the early stages they may be overlooked, especially when they are side to wards the back of the oral cavity, pain and tenderness only develop when a malignant ulcer becomes secondarily infected or if the lesion involves a sensory nerve. Treatment is definitively surgery, additionally chemotheraphy, radiotheraphy.

Careful removal of the good behavioured tumours will be sufficient.
















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